Python Example Project

This project offers a dummy Python library kmhsonnenkind that is used in the Python Example Project to show how to set up a Python project on github and perform common CI / CD tasks like deploying to PyPI or Read the Docs.


The package is available on TestPyPI and can be installed using pip.

~$ python -m pip install -i kmhsonnenkind

Alternatively you can also install it directly from source.

~$ git clone
~$ cd python-example
~/python-example$ python install

After installation the Python library kmhsonnenkind as well as the command line tool kmhsonnenkind will be available.


The provided functionality can either be used via the kmhsonnenkind Python library or the kmhsonnenkind command line tool.

In Script

To use the library in your script simply import kmhsonnenkind and call its functionality.

import kmhsonnenkind

From Command Line

Alternatively you can also call the kmhsonnenkind command line tool with a required input parameter name.

~$ kmhsonnenkind Martin

kmhsonnenkind Documentation

Example library used in github project to show common tasks.

kmhsonnenkind.greet(name: str) str

Creates greeting for given name.


name – Name to be greeted.


Greeting string.